The Altona Lakes Golf Club fields teams in the Victorian Golf League Pennant competition in Scratch , Handicap and Seniors as well as the North Western Pennant Association.
The club has had success in all the categories and we will be looking forward to more in the near future.
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Before you play in a VGL Event or Pennant it is always a good idea to brush up on the VGL Rules - 
Pennant Rules - Download Copy

VGL Pennant 2017

If you are thinking of being a competitor be aware of the VGL qualifying rules
  1.  You must be a financial member before 1st of January 2014
  2.  You must have played in at least 4 ALGC singles competitions on Saturdays between the
October 1st 2013 and the start of the Pennant competition. Refer VGL Pennant Rule 9a below.


9. (a) A player in Scratch, Handicap and Seniors Pennant must be a bona-fide member of the Club that he represents by the 1st January in the current year. He must also hold a current Australian Handicap prior to the first round of pennant.

As of the 1st October in the preceding year until the first round of pennant each player must return at least four cards in singles competition played at the club they represent.

(Junior pennant is exempt from this clause)

A player competing in Seniors pennant must have attained the age of 50 years prior to the first round of the season.




The Elder Statesmen AKA 3 wise Monkeys


2012 Elder Pennant Team looking pretty schmicko for the start of the season


2012 VGL Handicap Team - very fashionable but can they play golf?


Our winning Junior North West Pennant Team Mitch,Jack and Zayne,with their victory spoils

The Juniors are at the front - not sure what those others are doing in the pic!