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July 2017


1st                    STROKE V.G.L. MEDAL ECLECTIC 9

8th                      PAR SEASIDE CUP - RD 1

15th                   STROKE CLUB MEDAL - ECLECTIC 10

22rd                 PAR SEASIDE CUP - RD 2

29th               STABLEFORD - Rd1 Matchplay


August 2017


5th                         STROKE V.G.L. MEDAL ECLECTIC 11

12th                       STABLEFORD - Plus Rd 2 Matchplay

19 th                     STROKE CLUB MEDAL - ECLECTIC 12

26th                     STABLEFORD HOBSONS BAY CUP RD 1 - Plus Rd3 Matchplay


September 2017


2nd                       STROKE -  VGL MEDAL - ECLECTIC 13

9th                     STABLEFORD HOBSONS BAY CUP FINAL RD - Plus Matchplay Qtr Final

16th                      A.L.G.C Memorial Day - 2 Person Ambrose - Shotgun Start 7:30

23th                     STROKE - CLUB MEDAL - ECLECTIC 14 - Plus Matchplay Semi Final

30th                 4BBB STABLEFORD - (AFL Grand Final)


October 2017


7th                       STORKE - VGL MEDAL - ECLECTIC FINAL - Plus Matchplay Final

14th                     STABLEFORD - Presidents Cup

21nd                    STORKE - CLUB MEDAL (VGL Medalist of Medalists Q/F)
28th                  STABLEFORD - Captains Cup


Novemeber 2017


4th                         STROKE 

11th                       STABLEFORD

18th                       STROKE  CLUB MEDAL

25th                      STABLEFORD - ALGC SUMMER CUP RD 1



December 2017


2nd                     PAR -  ALGC SUMMER CUP RD 2
9th                       STROKE  CLUB MEDAL - SUMMER CUP FINAL
16th                       XMAS BREAKUP PARTY  - 3 CLUB + 1 PUTTER
23rd                  PAR
30th                 STABLEFORD




Coming Events

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